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Embarking on the open road in your RV promises adventure and freedom, but let's be honest – space inside is a precious commodity. Fitting everything you desire may seem like a challenge, but fear not! There are clever and budget-friendly strategies to optimize your RV's storage, ensuring you bring along all the comforts of home. In this article, we'll explore eight tips to maximize your RV's storage space, maintaining a clean and organized haven on wheels.


Effective organization should align seamlessly with your lifestyle. Specifically, it's essential to consider how you intend to utilize your RV space. If indoor comfort is a priority, channel your efforts towards creating a cozy and functional interior – think baskets for blankets, dividers for utensils, and containers for food storage. Conversely, if you anticipate spending more time outdoors, prioritize weather-proof and versatile items that transition seamlessly between indoor and outdoor use. While your personal approach to organization may not necessarily resonate with others, what truly matters is that it makes sense to you and anyone sharing the space. Ultimately, the key is crafting an organizational style that aligns with your unique needs and enhances your RV experience.


Bins are versatile storage solutions that go beyond their primary role, seamlessly adapting to various needs. Acting as guardians against clutter, they transform effortlessly into a convenient side table or a mess-free zone for children's activities. After a day of hiking, a bin becomes a foot bath for a soothing retreat. Their utility is only limited by creativity, and when not in use, they neatly stack away, reclaiming valuable space. In the realm of essential organizing tools, bins, buckets, and baskets are indispensable for RV organization, especially in the kitchen. Available in diverse shapes and sizes, they excel in keeping similar items together, making them ideal for every nook and cranny and optimizing vertical space through efficient stacking.

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Efficiency is the key to a stress-free RV life, and one simple yet transformative solution is embracing the power of labeling. No more frustrating searches through containers or boxes, risking chaos just to find that one item. Labels are the unsung heroes of organization, turning the tedious into the streamlined. Don't worry about elaborate designs; a humble piece of paper taped to the outside of a bin can work wonders. Of course, for those who prefer a touch of flair, indulging in label stickers can elevate both function and aesthetics, making organization a delightful experience.


Dedicate specific spaces inside of your RV for specific items. This will not only help you find these items easily and quickly but it will also help you keep things organized should you need to add more items down the road. Think both big and small when defining zones. For example, your bedroom might be reserved for just clothing and shoes, while the cabinet under your sink might be reserved for any and all cleaning supplies. You can even label cabinets and drawers for efficiency and convenience.



RV cabinets and drawers are specially designed to make the most of limited space, often featuring custom sizes. This uniqueness can pose a challenge when it comes to fitting standard organizers like cabinet risers or utensil holders. Before diving into the world of storage solutions, take precise measurements of each cabinet, drawer, and cupboard in your RV. Don't forget to measure the height and width of your outside storage bays to ensure a good fit for larger items. This upfront effort ensures a hassle-free and perfectly tailored organizational approach for your RV space.



Oftentimes when we’re organizing, we tend to think horizontally or left to right. This is a great place to start but you should also consider vertical or up and down space in an RV. This includes things like doors, walls and corners. When you can stack bins or install wall shelves, this will really help you maximize your space and keep things off the ground. Use hooks and over-door hangers to hang jackets, towels, hats, dog leashes, even musical instruments and workout equipment. And don’t forget to look inside of your cabinets—this is a great place to hang measuring cups and cooking utensils.


For those who regularly hit the road in their RV or have fully embraced the nomadic lifestyle, it's not uncommon to bring along extra or seasonal items. Think surplus toilet paper, winter coats, beach towels, and blankets – the essentials that don't see daily use. To make the most of your available space, we recommend storing these items in less frequently accessed areas, such as beneath the bed or in the outside storage bay. Enhancing this spatial optimization, consider utilizing vacuum bags for soft, bulky items. This clever strategy not only compresses them efficiently but also ensures that every inch of your mobile haven is used to its fullest potential.

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RVs feature a multitude of separate storage spaces, and a practical approach some enjoy is employing netting and bungee cords to secure cabinets and other storage compartments during transit. This not only streamlines our moving days, eliminating the need for rearranging items before hitting the road, but it also serves as a convenient way to safeguard against small children accessing items such as cleaning supplies, tools, or small objects that you'd prefer to keep out of their reach.


With these suggestions, we hope to inspire you to embark on your next adventure with a fresh start. In the midst of your journey, the last thing you want is to constantly tidy up or spend mental energy on meal planning. By dedicating a bit of time to preparation and thoughtful planning, you can ensure that organization becomes second nature throughout your entire trip. This way, you can redirect your focus towards the experiences that truly matter.

Article written by Thor Industries Ambassadors