Cooking Hacks and Organizational Advice From Tiffin Owners

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Whether you are brand new to RVing, brand new to Tiffin Motorhomes, or simply wanting a refresher to valuable insights, we've gathered advice from seasoned owners to guide you on your journey. In this blog, we'll share the best tips submitted by Tiffin enthusiasts, providing you with a wealth of knowledge to enhance your experience as a new Tiffin Motorhome owner.

Do You Have Any Cooking Hacks That Have Helped You On The Road?


David, 1 Year Tiffin Owner

"Residential refrigerators in RV’s are great but you need to get a couple of things to keep from having a mess on your hands after driving down bumpy, twisty roads. Purchase plastic bins for holding jars, bottles, and organizing food on the main shelves of the refrigerator. Target carries nice ones with ventilated sides that allow for good airflow and cooling. This is also a nice way to keep the fridge organized."

Bob Tucker, 4 Year Tiffin Owner

"Get a good outdoor griddle and avoid cooking things inside that produce a lot of odor. Example: Bacon and Sausage"

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Dennis & Rosanne Napora, 6 Year Tiffin Owner

"We make many dishes ahead of time, (meatloaf, chili, smoked ribs) and freeze in suction bags for future usage. Have fun preparing together if you can!"

Stephen Conner, 8 Year Tiffin Owner

"Plastic dishes are more durable than glassware."

Charlie Turner, 6 Year Tiffin Owner

"The 17-inch Blackstone fits perfectly in the Allegro Bay. I had the 22, but it's a little too big."


Do You Have Any Organizational Tips That Have Been Useful In Your Motorhome?


David, 1 Year Tiffin Owner

"Purchase spring bars, these are usually found in the drapery rod isle at Target or Walmart. Put the spring bars across the front of your open shelves while driving, this holds things in place and keeps items from falling out when you open the door.

Tim, 9 Year Tiffin Owner

"We use plastic boxes in the basement, this helps keep unwanted creatures out."

Micael, 9 Year Tiffin Owner

"Carry a portable folding table and chairs, not every campsite has an outdoor table."

Bill & Brenda Bush, 3 Year Tiffin Owner

"We’ve added slide-outs in all of the kitchen and master bath cabinets. Makes it so much easier to get to everything."

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